Thursday, November 5, 2009

Turn this motha out!!!!!!!!!!!

I was dancing in my kitchen like a skinny-bitch-to-be this morning. I lost 3.3 lbs last week. I ate as much as I was allowed, I worked out and I did NOT starve myself. FINALLY a big week. 11.2 lbs down, 91 to go. I guess that sounds better than a hundred, but for now, I have a goal weight in mind by January 1, which is to lost another 15.

What an interesting morning this is. I woke up DREADING weighing and said to myself b/f I stepped on the scale that no matter what the results, I knew I'd done my best. What a positive way to feel! Damn that Jillian Michaels is SPOT on. Her book has been really helpful. Add to that Dr. Phil's book and all that jazz about positive self talk and it's like I've DVR'ed Oprah or something I'm so damn positive. :)

That said, I'm not sure they'd appreciate the white board note to self on my fridge that says in big ass black letters, WORK OUT FATTIE!!!! (heart) you...

But hey, whatever works. I'd also like to personally kiss the makers of Blue Bunny 100 Calorie Butter Pecan bars. They have been my substitute for sex. Now there's a whole OTHER topic. Challenged by the lonelies...I'm getting old, it's cold outside and my son goes to bed too damn early. All I keep thinking on that frickin' elliptical machine is every drop of sweat is like a microscopic fat molecule busting wide ass open.

Have an awesome day today!!!! I don't think even the koozes that piss me off could do so today. :)

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